The bank refused to give them more credit.

Like many students at our school, Eddie stays up until late at night studying.


This book isn't very good.

Martha and Darren disagree on that point.

What time is the meeting?

He negotiated a lower price with the real estate agent.

Can you abstain from smoking for a week?

Lui's parents got married in Boston.

Bernie, do you want us to go with you?

That's nothing to be sorry for.

Dean's house was destroyed by a hurricane.


Why not just kill them?

Reinhard is a guy's guy.

My father is going to prepare some delicious food for me tomorrow.

I went to Hawaii on vacation for a couple of weeks.

We've got to tell Rick.

The story approximates to historical truth.

He looked radiant.

We put them in straitjackets.

I give my regards to your family.

Radek, this isn't about you.

Some people followed him.

No, that's not the station.

Doesn't that prove anything?

That would be catastrophic.

Tell us what happened to her.

Solid water is called ice.

I'd heard she was too far out for most people.

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The Koran does not permit Mohammedans to drink. Their natural instincts do not permit them to be moral.

His opposition was more violent than he had bargained for.

Mayuko left the room.

Unusually warm weather caused problems for the apple harvest.

They won't wait long.

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Why didn't you help him escape?

Did you have fun at the party last night?

You're jealous.

Leave them with me.

She was not impressed.

For us too one day the sun will shine.

In times of trouble, she would turn to faith.

Laura crushed the box with his foot.

I don't break anything.

Before we wrap up, let's take some questions from the audience.

Dawson is tall and likewise strong.

Naresh was already drinking his third beer before Chet had even finished her first.

I thought you were supposed to be looking after Gil.


As soon as I can afford to buy a house, I will.

This book gives a blow by blow account of how the banking system is ruining our financial security.

Do stop talking and listen to the music.


We should stop seeing each other.


He is a boy, she is a girl.


It'll have to do.

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I had my fortune read by an old lady with an eery-looking glass eye.


Let's be thankful for everything we have.

I negotiated the price with him.

Please don't make me ask her.

I'm much younger than Kanthan.

Jim tends to be overdramatic.

His plans were regarded with some disfavor.

He could not help getting angry at her words.

When Sir Alex Ferguson saw that his players were getting tired, he always substituted them.

He sustained an injury which will take a month to heal completely.

Heinrich is Tobias's step-sister.

There is no knowing what may happen.


I do not know how to read nor write.

Why is Himawan hiding from me?

Whose mussels are these?

I wanna go to New York.

A jam is made of strawberries.

His utter failure at the last peace conference has taught him to arm himself to the teeth with new tricks and tactics.

I shouldn't have left Anne alone.

It was a revelation to me.

Can we be of any further assistance?

The toy train went around the room.

Come to think of it, it has been raining for a week.


Who is the author of this drama?

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When will we arrive?

I always read the sports page first.

When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.

We're having difficulty locating Wolfgang.

It's about three inches wide.

I didn't ask for your advice.

What will you be doing on vacation?


He's working at his English.

I'm glad it works for you.

Cathryn didn't take an umbrella with him.

Don't worry, you'll get your voice back soon.

His relatives were convinced of his innocence.


They're always deep in debt.

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All animals are equal.

The spider is dead.

Mickey had no idea how Roland was feeling.

We were afraid.

Meeks said he wanted to show what he'd made to Miles.

How about we meet for breakfast?

This is a sick joke.

Why did you cry so much?

Stay the hell away from me.

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Nothing will happen to Kari.


It kept raining for a week.

Darrell hosted an extravagant party at his mansion.

That's not just bad, it's also punishable by the law.

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It's going to be the best.


Adrian was killed in an accident.

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Nobody could have guessed, in those days, the place in history that Martin Luther King, Jr. was to have.

I am looking for room with twin beds.

It was horrible.

Let's go over the plan one more time.

The sun is just setting.

Call me at 9:00 tomorrow.

Your plan requires a large amount of money.

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I wonder how he's going to react.

He still rings me from time to time.

If it falls tomorrow, it will have been going down for a week.

The bell rang.

Tell me what you'll do.

He lives in Tokyo now.

How many beers did you drink?

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Galen was convinced, but not me.


Let's pick her up.

Every time a man is begotten and born, the clock of human life is wound up anew to repeat once more its same old tune that has already been played innumerable times, movement by movement and measure by measure, with insignificant variations.

Odette fell in love with Prince Siegfried.

I often drink tea.

In Japan the new term begins in April at school.

Every rare thing is expensive, besides a cheap horse is rare, therefore a cheap horse is expensive.

"Why didn't you tell me?" "You didn't ask."

His name escapes me.

Vilhelm is always putting on airs.


Molly is my kind of guy.

Do you know where my keys are?

The problem is whether you can follow her English.


I didn't mean to do it.

Tommy will be back in a moment.

I'd like to talk to her myself.

I don't like what Lex did.

He told me that he had gone there.

The yellow toy is little.

He pinched and scraped for many years to save money.

It would be better if you read more books.

Johnnie has never given Daryl any jewelry.

I can barely move my arms.

I don't see any problem here.


It's not blood, it's tomato paste.


She droned on for hours about her family history.


The severe housing shortage is partly to blame for the inflated rents.

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He's rich. You should try it.

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So what's going to happen?

Nadeem didn't seem surprised when he heard that Swamy and John had gotten married.

She had a narrow escape when her car skidded off the road into a lake.

I think Erick could help me.

This is the reason I came here.

I want you to be safe.

Let's take a picture for memory's sake.

I love you and I will always love you.

Do you want to live in Boston?


Climate change is not a hoax.

The words " solar system" refer to the Sun and all of the objects that travel around it. These objects include planets, natural satellites such as the Moon, the asteroid belt, comets, and meteoroids.

How large is it?

Antony was very mean to me.

Just listen to him.


This result leaves much to be desired.

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Charlie didn't think too hard about this one.

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I just don't agree with her.

He tried to give up smoking last year, but it was in vain.

The children are moving their toothbrushes as if they are cleaning their teeth, but they can't fool me.